Dram Shop / Liquor Liability

Negligent overservice of alcohol claims (or “Dram Shop” claims as they are commonly known) occur when a tavern, restaurant, or social host serves alcohol to someone who is already visibly intoxicated (Oregon) or obviously intoxicated (Washington) and that person later injures a third party.  The most typical claims involves a drunk driving accident after leaving a tavern, party, or even someone’s private home – although we see claims arising out of intoxicated assaults with some frequently as well.  Defending these types of claims – which often result in death or catastrophic injuries – require an understanding of both the hospitality industry and the science behind intoxication as well as experience navigating the unique requirements under Oregon and Washington “Dram Shop” laws.  It is particularly important to begin investigating these claims and preserving evidence as soon as possible, while memories are fresh and any surveillance videos are still available.  Whether you get notice of a liquor liability claim immediately after the injury or years later when suit is filed, we have the expertise you need to investigate and defend these specialized claims.